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Our objective at Imode Education is to deliver classes to help produce well-rounded engineers and scientists capable of exploring and producing earth-energy resources in environmentally sustainable ways.

On the 100 and 200 levels, we will seek to broaden the horizons of students to the present and future challenges of our time while emphasizing their development of very strong quantitative backgrounds. On the 300 and enhanced-learning levels, we will expose students to present and future challenges of exploration and production related to both conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources. We will also help them start contributing some solutions for these problems.

It is clear that we have irreversibly entered a multidisciplinary era for which the present discipline categorization does not apply any more, especially from the point of view of preparing future generations.

Despite the increasing demand of the industry for multidisciplinary educated students, present education systems are finding it difficult to reorganize themselves or to adapt to these demands. We have developed these classes with the vision of multidisciplinary education in mind, based on our many years of multidisciplinary research.

Finally, another major feature of these classes is that they contain analytical problems, as well as computational problems, especially at 200, 300, and enhanced-learning levels. The computational problems include MathLab codes, which may help attendees to improve their understanding of and intuition about the materials.

Level 100

starting from

2 videos
A view of the earth
2 videos
Earthquakes and Volcanoe
8 videos
Climate Change
8 videos
7 videos

more details

Level 200

starting from

Elastic waves
9 videos
Seismic acquisition and seismic data
7 videos
Electromagnetic waves, electrostatics, and magneto-statics
9 videos
Gravity, heat, geothermal energy
Reservoir engineering and characterization

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Level 300

starting from

Uniform wavefield sampling
Seismic imaging: I
Seismic Imaging: II
Solar and wind energy
Biomass energy
Fracture Mechanics
Reservoir simulation

more details

Enhanced-learning Level

starting from

Wavefield decomposition
Non-uniform wavefield sampling
Numerical simulation of seismic waves
Numerical simulation of electromagnetic waves
Automated seismic imaging
High Resolution Seismic imaging
Remote sensing measurements
Materials in seismic acquisition
Earthquake and volcano-eruption predictions
Abrupt climate change
Energy price
Energy storage

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We are very grateful to the many organizations which have granted us  the permission to use their pictures or portion of their videos for our classes.

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Our objective at Imode Energy Research is to contribute to the world’s energy security without threatening the environment or the safety of its people.

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