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YOUR SUCCESS in Math, Stat, physics, geophysics, electrical and petroleum engineering is OUR EXPERTISE.

Guaranteed Grade of “B” or Higher in six sessions or less.

We do not turn away the opportunity to help. We tailor the help to the client, your school, or even your business. We know that some students at your level have busy and hectic lives, many with full-time jobs. We work around your busy schedule to make the process less stressful.

We construct and structure our lectures to

  • help you understand your text book and class notes.
  • learn to proof Theorems, Lemma, and Corollaries
  • do and redo homework problems with you
    do and redo past exams with you
  • introduce multiple analytic and computational exercises (Matlab exercises)

Linear Algebra


Signal Processing

Linear & Nonlinear Statistics



Minerals, Rock, porosity, permeability, capillary pressure

Heat, Geothermics, Matter, Nuclear radiation

Electromagnetic radiation and Geomagnetism

Elastic and Acoustic


Unconventional resource and electricity storage


Reservoir Science & Engineering

Advanced numerical modeling and inverse problems